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Backgrounder & Future Projects

For those of you that are new to Vyu360 here is a quick introduction. The Miami based startup company, funded earlier in 2016, aims to develop technologies that shorten the gap between virtual reality and consumer application; also making it more accessible not only for tech enthusiasts but also for average consumers.

The company launched a campaign on Kickstarter towards the end of 2016 to fund their action camera the Activ3840. Passing its goal by 334% the project was successfully funded.

The team is eternally thankful for the support received on the crowd-founding platform and now aims to continue working on future projects that are very ambitious and exciting.

The company ultimate goal is to create more affordable & user-friendly recording solutions to push VR into mainstream.

Get Ready To Un-leash Your Smartphone Virtual Reality Capabilities!

The Vyu360 team is actively working on finalizing development of a patent pending revolutionary mobile accessory and companion application that enables most smartphones to easily capture and share 360° media, both video, and pictures.

The company proprietary technology offers a unique and practical solution for average consumers with little to no technical experience to record and share High-Res 360° media directly from their mobile devices.

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